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The Untouched World…New Zealand

New Zealand is probably on just about everyone’s bucket list (if it isn’t, it should be), but for some reason, many never make it there. Yes, it is expensive to get there. Yes, it is far away. Yes, you need at least two weeks to even make the trip worth it. But let me tell […]

Living on Island Time…Fiji

Fiji is like summer year-round with its beautiful weather. The islands provide the most beautiful sunsets reflecting off crystal clear water. Also, Fiji offers hiking, scuba diving, relaxing, and more. I afforded a chance to go to Fiji on a study abroad program with the intention of studying eco-tourism or “green” tourism. Interestingly enough, we […]

Love – It’s What Makes the World Go ‘Round Part II

If you haven’t read part I, start here. Now that we are all caught up. I bought my plane ticket to Melbourne several months ago after a tough break-up. I tend to do pretty crazy things when I feel out of control. It is my way of reminding myself I am not stuck – just […]

Long Layover in Boston? “Yah Huh”

Boston is a big international airport, so you may find yourself stopping through. On my way to Israel, I had a 12 hour layover in Boston and couldn’t help but stretch my legs outside the airport. Getting to the City… Boston Metro has done a great job at making it fairly easy to get to […]

Love is the Infinite Destiny

My friends always tell me that I love too easily or that I need to protect my heart better. It’s true- I love pretty relentlessly, fall in love easily, and extend love to people without a second thought or “when they don’t deserve it”. Love connects me to the infinite part of me. Love is […]

Three Days in Amsterdam

Many times, Amsterdam is just a layover. Instead of hanging out in the airport, maybe you opt to extend your layover and spend a few days in the great city of Amsterdam. How to Get Around… Public Transit…The Amsterdam Travel Ticket is an option which includes unlimited travel on all trams, buses (including night buses), metro (including […]

The World’s Most Livable City…Melbourne, AUS

Pre-Trip Tips… This goes for any city, really. Google ‘Whats on in Melbourne May’ and look at sites like ‘Timeout‘. They outline various festivals, gigs, exhibitions, etc. I found fun events like Vintage Fashion Sale pop-up, Chinatown Pop-Up Market, Immigration Museum Exhibitions, and Beer Yoga. You need a Visa to go to Australia, which I […]