Do the Work…BLM

Rachel Ricketts’ Spiritual Activism 101 Workshop blew my mind. In light of the Black Lives Matter movement, I committed to completing her workshops and joining her patreon. I feel a lot of tension writing this; I am afraid I will mess up or create more harm. But this is my work. Here are some ofContinue reading “Do the Work…BLM”

Anxiety … Now what?

Sometimes the fear is worse than the worst case scenario. Self-isolation has been an awakening… …to say the least. I have been confronted by the practice of slowing down and being still. What has come up has not been so pretty- mostly anxiety about the unknown future (read more about my visa journey here) andContinue reading “Anxiety … Now what?”

The Hype behind Coronavirus…

Where I am coming from… Usually when I am feeling extremely emotional, I tend to begin to blame things outside myself, including the moon, mercury retrograde, the weather, my hormones, or the person who cut me off in traffic. On the other hand, I have been learning lately that triggers such as these are simplyContinue reading “The Hype behind Coronavirus…”

Next Two Steps to my “Healthy”

After writing my first blog post on my health journey, it felt incomplete. But it was important for me to share in order to understand what the next steps were. So here is the culmination of the steps I have taken to get to where I am, which is the healthiest I have ever been.Continue reading “Next Two Steps to my “Healthy””

Two Steps on How I Got “Healthy”

The idea of “health” is a curated image reflecting social norms, plagued by inequality, and undermines the human experience. February 22 marks the five year anniversary of my mom’s death, which also signifies the beginning of a tough health battle. Today marks a milestone in my journey of uncovering the wholeness within. Grief is weird.Continue reading “Two Steps on How I Got “Healthy””

Attachment – an Addition vs Extension

Attachment in relationships is hard to navigate and difficult to understand what is healthy. This is where we dive into types of attachment, specifically addition versus extension.

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