Love – It’s What Makes the World Go ‘Round Part II

If you haven’t read part I, start here. Now that we are all caught up. I bought my plane ticket to Melbourne several months ago after a tough break-up. I tend to do pretty crazy things when I feel out of control. It is my way of reminding myself I am not stuck – just […]

Love is the Infinite Destiny

My friends always tell me that I love too easily or that I need to protect my heart better. It’s true- I love pretty relentlessly, fall in love easily, and extend love to people without a second thought or “when they don’t deserve it”. Love connects me to the infinite part of me. Love is […]

The Li(f)e I Create

I was laying down in Savasana (the part at the end of a yoga class where you simply lay on the floor completely still, also called “dead man’s pose”), and this thought crossed my mind…how come when I dream about my future, possibilities seem endless? But when I think about the present, I feel stuck? […]

Showing Up is Your Power Part II

In teacher training this past weekend, we did the entire Journey into Power sequence (typically takes 75 minutes) in 21 minutes. We held each pose for just one breath rather than the usual 5 breaths. It reminded me of all the fluff we add to our lives. What would be possible if I stripped off […]

Showing Up is Your Power Part I

A Facebook post from my friend on January 18… “Went to Walmart tonight and bumped into a little 3-year-old boy who was standing up in a shopping cart chattering away while his grandmother pushed him along. She apologized and said Cayden talks to everyone and that he was too much to handle at times. I […]

Life Present, Life Relentless

This moment is a summation of every single second leading up to this point. Every breath, every blink, every movement, every touch, every word spoken or heard, every failure and success, every gain and every loss, and every other cliche dichotomy. “Fear knocked at the door, faith answered, and fear disappeared” – Baron Baptiste Inspirations for […]