One-Month Backpacking Trip through Europe

Quick overview… *Factor in travel time in between*Madrid – 3 daysBarcelona – 3 daysRome – 3 daysCinque Terra – 2 daysVenice – 2 daysZadar – 2 daysDubrovnik – 2 daysAthens – 2 daysSantorini – 3 days Day One – Barcelona to Madrid Fly into Barcelona. Take Renfe (train) to Madrid. I booked my train in […]

Tanzania…the Unmet Beauty

*Disclaimer: I did this through a volunteer organization called GIVE. I recommend checking them out and considering volunteering. It truly is the best way to travel.* A little bit of Orientation… Jambo means hello! Mambo means what’s up, which the response is poa! Tanzania is in East Africa, and Zanzibar is an island off of […]

Pole Pole…Mt. Kilimanjaro

*Disclaimer: I did this through as an add-on to a trip I did with a volunteer organization called GIVE. I recommend checking them out and considering volunteering. It truly is the best way to travel.* Do it. You may be reading this, because you are slightly considering the idea of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. Not going […]

Too Busy to Hate…ATL, GA

Home to the world’s busiest airport, you might find yourself here. In the event that you have a layover or choose to spend a couple of days, Atlanta has a lot to offer. Here are some of the highlights. Orientation… Atlanta has “sections” of town, just like any large city. 1. Downtown – Georgia Aquarium, […]

Best of the Classic City: Athens, GA

Athens, GA has been my home for the past 4 years. It has brought me so many gifts and has allowed me to grow and expand into who I am today. It is WAY more than just a college town. Athens has incredible musicians, is a foodie paradise, is filled with history and art, and […]

LonDON(E) Right + Day Trip

London is everything I could’ve ever imagined and more. If I could have stayed long enough to eat at every good restaurant or go through every museum or walk down every corridor, it would take me years. Here is an outline of what I did- take or leave what you’d like to make the exact […]

The Li(f)e I Create

I was laying down in Savasana (the part at the end of a yoga class where you simply lay on the floor completely still, also called “dead man’s pose”), and this thought crossed my mind…how come when I dream about my future, possibilities seem endless? But when I think about the present, I feel stuck? […]

Bienvenidos a Miami

Unfortunately, I was only in Miami for a total of 4 days and 3 nights, so I was unable to do everything on my bucket list. Honestly, I did not realize just how big Miami is until I arrived. This post will include my personal experience followed by recommendations from my close friends who live […]

The Big Apple like a Local, 3-days in NYC

This post is brought to you by my wonderful father, William Wiggins, who so graciously spent his time creating this for all of you. He grew up on the North Folk of Long Island, about 3 hours outside of the city. He went to college in the Northeast and returned to NYC in 1985 where […]

Showing Up is Your Power Part II

In teacher training this past weekend, we did the entire Journey into Power sequence (typically takes 75 minutes) in 21 minutes. We held each pose for just one breath rather than the usual 5 breaths. It reminded me of all the fluff we add to our lives. What would be possible if I stripped off […]