Manifestation TF?

Manifestation can be a bit misleading. To be honest, I was skeptical at first. It felt passive and lazy. I am a go-getter and a creative. The idea that I sit back and wait for something to come to me seems impractical, inefficient, and a waste of time. 

I was introduced to the idea of manifestation through yoga about one year ago. Teachers would refer to setting an intention for practice or would encourage us with a mantra during mediation. 

The idea of setting an intention is to get clear on what you want out of your experience, your practice, and your life moment by moment.

After moving to Melbourne, I committed to an intention of presence and have manifested such an amazing life here. It required hard work and is continuing to challenge me to stay in alignment with my intention, especially and particularly when it gets hard. It can be quite easy to go into default mode or auto-pilot and book a flight to the other side of the world, but those are the times when intention-setting and manifesting were my most helpful tools.

Here are some steps that I have found helpful in manifesting the life that I want…

Step 1 … Get clear and get familiar.

This is where I want to address the notion of passivity in manifestation. I had this belief that manifestation looked like sitting in my room with my door shut praying for something to be delivered without ordering it. So, I would take it to the other extreme- I would muster up the determination and perseverance to go out and search. But that got tiring really quickly and never seemed to satisfy. The issue here is that I never knew what I was looking for. Setting an intention requires the action of getting clear on what you want. I had not gotten clear on what I wanted out of my experience.

Getting clear is hard work, because it is usually what I try to avoid. The resistance to get clear is usually the indicator that there is room for growth. Getting clear sets a path, a direction. I cannot grow if I do not know where I want to go.

Be in a relationship with your intention. Just like in a relationship, I begin integrating that new person into my life, my schedule, and my thoughts. I use that same mentality when setting an intention. I begin to incorporate what I want to create into my daily life. If I want love in my life, I must incorporate self-care and time with loved ones as a priority in my schedule.

Step 2 … Acknowledge what already exists.

Setting an intention is a way of manifesting what you want to create. But the craziest part about it is that our intention or what we want to manifest is actually just an uncovering of what is already there. When we set our awareness on what we want, that is the part of us that acknowledges what already exists. By placing our attention on this through intention setting and manifestation techniques, we are, in fact, setting ourselves up for receiving what is already there.

I can go throughout my entire day searching for presence, but that simple act is the barrier between me and my intention. I will never receive presence by searching for it anywhere else but within. Similarly, I can go throughout my entire life searching for peace, joy, and love, but if I neglect to acknowledge the peace, joy, and love that already exists within me, I will never have the capacity to receive it.

People may go their entire life searching for something to fill the void or fix the brokenness, when the answer lies within.

Step 3 … Never give up, always let go.

There is a balance between setting an intention and surrendering to the outcome. Stress is a response to expectations. Setting an intention is not a means to get somewhere or gain something, it is an access to the awareness that everything I need is already within me.

Be open to receive what you give, and be willing to give what you receive.

Setting an intention is like making a commitment, and a commitment is an equal exchange of giving and receiving. As I give love, am I open and willing to receive it? As I receive peace, am I open and willing to give it?

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