Tanzania…the Unmet Beauty

Tanzania really does have it all- from the remote island and vibrant culture of Zanzibar island to the wild, unmatched safari in Arusha.

*Disclaimer: I did this through a volunteer organization called GIVE. I recommend checking them out and considering volunteering. It truly is the best way to travel.*

A little bit of Orientation…

Jambo means hello! Mambo means what’s up, which the response is poa!

Tanzania is in East Africa, and Zanzibar is an island off of its coast. There is a bit of a political rift between the two regions, which is an interesting Google search if you are interested. There are several ways to fly into Tanzania including Dar es Saleem, Zanzibar, and Kilimanjaro.

Zanzibar island, Tanzania

If you fly into Dar es Saleem, you can take a ferry to Zanzibar. If you fly into Kilimanjaro, you can begin your journey here in Arusha then fly to Zanzibar. Or vice versa.


Stonetown is the main city of Zanzibar, and is a fun place to hang around, shop, and eat. There are fun AirBnbs tucked away in the weaving alleys of Stonetown. Some great restaurants include Tanu Pizza, Food Lover’s, and Taverna. Stonetown is loaded with bustle and markets to explore. It is also located on the water, where there is a local market in the evenings.

But the beauty of Zanzibar lies on the beaches. Kiwengwa is a great place to go- it has the perfect balance of liveliness and retreat. Check out Lazy Beach House! Cabs are available to hire through the hotel you book with.

Kiwengwa has restaurants along the beach, Henna, massages, souvenir shops, and other excursions. You can take a day trip to Mnemba or on a beautiful Dhow boat and swim with dolphins.


Arusha is located near Mt. Kilimanjaro, so while you are here, I recommend climbing it! Check out my post here.

Rafiki House is a great place to stay while in Arusha with amenities such as Wifi, hot showers, and good food.

Arusha is also surrounded by some of the best places to go on Safari. Book through Green Paw Adventures and visit Monyero while staying at Panoramo Camp (stay in a Yurt). Then, visit Terengery Park, too. You are bound to cross off all of your must-see Safari animals!

zanzibar island, tanzania
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