The Li(f)e I Create

I was laying down in Savasana (the part at the end of a yoga class where you simply lay on the floor completely still, also called “dead man’s pose”), and this thought crossed my mind…how come when I dream about my future, possibilities seem endless? But when I think about the present, I feel stuck?

learning to love life

The same possibilities that are available to me in three months or six months or twenty years, I have access to in this moment.

It is easy for me to say “When I graduate…” or “When I move…” or “When I decide…”, then I’ll be happy or whole or satisfied or find rest. But if I can’t find those within the present moment, those “feelings” will simply never come. A deadline doesn’t produce results.

presence in nature

I would like to challenge this idea of “results”. Our culture is driven by getting results. It doesn’t just stop there though- then it becomes about getting the results quicker, easier, better, bigger. Results come in many different forms, the quicker answer, the easier path, the better performance, the bigger car, more money, slimmer waist. But why do we want these things?

These “results” are really a diluted pursuit, a band-aid, a mask of our deepest desires- connection, love, peace, healing.

So, we must ask ourselves…I must ask myself…are these results satisfying my deepest desires? Is my daily living creating the life that I want for myself?

find peace and healing

If I desire connection, do I get up in the morning early enough to connect with myself? Am I having intentional and authentic interactions with my coworkers? Am I prioritizing communication with my family and close friends, or is my schedule packed with things that do not foster connection?

I cannot expect to fulfill my deepest desires if I haven’t created space, both in my schedule and in my heart, to receive it.

The great part about this journey is that YOU DON’T HAVE TO GO ANYWHERE BUT WITHIN. Our desires are not waiting for us to “earn it” or to “arrive” at enlightenment. There is nothing we need to get to or achieve- this takes out the struggle. The only place we need to be is exactly where we are- this alleviates the anxiety. The only thing we need to know is already within us- this relieves us of the act that we sometimes play to give off the perception that we’ve got it all figure out. The only thing we need to do is be still. As Oprah says in her Podcast called SuperSoul, when you don’t know where to go, go still.

The journey to fulfillment is really awakening and surrendering…awakening to the idea that RIGHT NOW you are connected and loved and at peace and healed AS YOU ARE and AS YOU ARE NOT. And surrendering to the fact that you are already whole and complete.

rest is essential to create a good life

We create our lives every single day, every single moment. This idea isn’t meant to scare you, because just as we have access to love and anger, joy and sorry, pride and guilt (all of which are healthy emotions that all serve a purpose and none of which can be labeled as “good” or “bad”), we also have access to grace. Each moment as a new beginning, we can hope in the fact that THE BEST IS YET TO COME.

The fulfillment, the connectedness, the love, the peace, the healing- all of this is available to you in THIS moment. Get still, reach out your hands, empty them of whatever it is in them, and receive.

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