Showing Up is Your Power Part II

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In teacher training this past weekend, we did the entire Journey into Power sequence (typically takes 75 minutes) in 21 minutes. We held each pose for just one breath rather than the usual 5 breaths. It reminded me of all the fluff we add to our lives. What would be possible if I stripped off all of the excess in my life? What if I didn’t lift my leg back in downward facing dog before coming into Warrior I? What if I didn’t take an extra breath before coming into my 6th full wheel? What if I came from “I am ready now”? What if I stood in our true north during an argument and stood up for myself rather than making an excuse for someone else’s actions? Stripping off the excess for me looks like showing up for myself.

show up at the door
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Got it. I need to slow down and see others. I have to show up for others to the best of my ability. But that sounds pretty exhausting. That feels empty if I keep filling up everyone else’s cup.

The truth is we all come from fullness, whether we recognize it or not. We each have an infinite amount of love, peace, and divinity within us- for me, I call it the Holy Spirit. Once I strip off the excess distraction, social pressures, and expectations, I can tap into this goodness. I am simply and intricately whole. I can give abundantly- all of the love and peace and forgiveness- to this world without fear of being emptied even slightly.

power in my hands
Athens, Greece

This fullness does not give us an excuse to not show up for ourselves. How can I expect people to show up for me if I don’t show up for myself? Sometimes I justify neglecting self-care and write it off as selfish. But if I desire to show up in the world, I must allow myself to take up space. I must value myself unapologetically. When I value myself, I attract people who will show up for me. When I devalue myself, I attract people who take from me.

When we fall in love– with God, ourselves, others around us, you name it- the world falls in love with us.

power in light
Mueang Khong, Thailand

Our culture is constantly trying to shrink us. Social media shrinks us through comparison. Other current political state can shrink us through division. Diet culture literally attempts to shrink us physically. But expansion is where how we meet our truest potential- it is how we grow.

show up in surrender
Luang Prabang, Laos

Nature is a great reminder of expansion. Growth is so resilient- even weeds among the sidewalk cracks and moss on stone. We were created to grow, take up space, and LIVE. When we show up for ourselves, we expand in such a way that gifts the world.

How can you show up for yourself today? Showing up for myself lately has looked like asking someone for help. In asking for help, I can create space for myself to chase my dreams.

showing up in my power
Stonetown, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Showing up is your power.

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