The Last Note

My sweet mama passed away about three and a half years ago. I don’t remember much from that week after she passed- it was more so a blur of flowers, a full refrigerator, and constantly hearing “I’m sorry for your loss”. My main distraction (maybe a better word to describe it would be an excuse to get out of the house) was sorting through of my mom’s things at her house – all 55 years worth – and decide what to keep and throw away.


The entire time, I remained fixated on one thought…”there has to be a note”. I figured “surely!! She wouldn’t leave me here with nothing to hold on to”. I craved the closure. I fought the idea that she didn’t care enough to not say goodbye. She had been sick for a while, so she should’ve left me SOMETHING! Anything..

So I searched..and searched..and searched. Every day for all of the three days the bank gave us before we had to be completely out of the house. I didn’t lose hope until I left that third day empty handed…

last note

The funeral took place just a few days later. I remained emotionless- I wasn’t ready to let go. Right before the service began, my mom’s friend ran up to me and whispered, “I heard you were looking for a note”. I looked up at her with big yet skeptical eyes and said, “yes?” She replied with a smile, “I have it”. She handed me a crumpled up piece of paper that was barely the size of the top corner of a loose-leaf.

It read..”please take care of my children. Please take care of my children. PLEASE take care of my children”.

That was it! I found THE note! It truly was a beautiful reflection of my mom’s heart. But even more than just a note from my mom, it was a perfect reflection of God’s heart for me and you.

last note

This life is all about intersections. Moments in time where we cross someone else’s path. These moments of intersections create our destiny and mold us into who we are. These intersections – human connection – satisfy our innermost being. In these moments, we can choose to love which brings us fullness and purpose. When we choose against love, we find ourselves empty and broken.

This emptiness and brokenness restricts us and we are forced to cling to the tangible things of this earth (money, sex, career, social media). We lose sight of our true selves, which has created a depression outbreak across the globe. See, we are all multidimensional beings. Depression is the product of multidimensional beings facing an earthly experience.

last note

Love exists outside of the earthly dimension, because it comes from God and was given to us unendingly and void of contingencies. Love is what frees us from the bondage of depression. Saturating our intersections with others in love is how we can elevate out of these earthly experiences.

Fight for love. And take care of God’s children. It’s the answer to our heart’s longing for purpose in the foggy journey of life.

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6 thoughts on “The Last Note

  1. “Fight for love. And take care of God’s children. It’s the answer to our heart’s longing for purpose in the foggy journey of life.” This is beautiful <3 I wish you all the best for your journey!

  2. Well…you’ve done it again with your incredible way with words! Thank you for making my day! I have no doubt that you are everything your mom dreamed you would be!

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