I passed by you on my daily run when we shared smiles and a wai
You had been walking in the rain and sludge with a heavy bag of rice
Your petite figure and wrinkled skin proved me of your strength
The bamboo strap around your head couldn’t hide your heart’s length
I heard the rice bag from afar slam down right as you reached the final hill
I turned around and helped you place that burden on your back again
I wish I could share the load you’ve been carrying all this way
And if I could communicate with more than a smile, this is what I would say
I may look a little different
I may sound a little funny
See, the difference between me and you is like sweetener and honey
Your sweetness is so pure and connected to the land
While my sweetness comes from factories and plentiful like sand
I am not attempting to belittle your circumstances I will never understand
When it rains on you, let it rain on me
Forward together we can move hand in hand
We share this earth together
Each one will a purposeful job
I want to give you a voice
Of which many have been robbed
I think of you everyday
Your story and smile alike
It inspires me to wake up each day and challenge this crazy thing called life

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